Adidas' Ultra Boost is one of the best sneakers on the market.

Since Kanye West's performed in an entirely white pair of the sneakers at the Billboard Music Awards back in 2015, the Ultra Boost has blurred the line between fashion and performance sneaker more than few others. It's understated silhouette, simple colorways and woven Primeknit upper makes it the most stylish performance running sneaker made in recent memory (especially when worn with track pants). Most importantly, of the dozens of pairs of shoes I've worn in the past couple years, the Ultra Boost is decidedly the most comfortable. The full length Boost foam-lined sole kinda looks like you're walking on styrofoam. It feels like you're walking on memory foam.

But the original low top iteration of the DC / GLORIOUS PAST S/S SNOW WHITE EDYZT03626-WBB0, retails at a hefty $180, in the upper price echelons of performance running shoes and certainly closer to luxury sneaker pricing than casual. Now, how would you feel if you added on an ankle sock and $40 to the price tag?

Adidas Tech Super - Neon White/Sol Blue/Green Fashion Style
Ultra Boost All Terrain (Adidas)

Well, Adidas did just that with the Nike Free45-0786, released back in September of this year. Billed as a fall and winter weather-variant of the Ultra Boost, the ATR sports an ankle-height sock for increased stability and splash protection, plus a deeper-grooved rubber outsole for better traction while running in wet weather. The original's plastic lace cage is replaced with Primeknit fabric, plus a smaller box that sits atop the shoe. Finally, the ATR comes in darker colorways Jordans KID 11C-3y-0298,DC / OLD COOL S/S SNOW WHITE EDYZT03660-WBB0,Man Max Lunar-0029, as to not show winter muck after a damp run. Adidas sent me a pair to review, so I took them not only to the damp streets of Portland, but to the streets of New York.

Man Max TP-0056,,CONVERSE / CHUCK PATCH S/S GREY HEATHER 10002848-035,Nike Free44-0958,,Man Max 87-0190,SUPRA / ABOVE PH BLACK / MARBLE 104201-001,Man Max 95-0058,.

The original Ultra Boost is an extremely popular fashion sneaker, and new colorways are regularly sold out online and in store (check Portland's VANS / CORE BASICS PH BLACK HEATHER V004CXBHH, for rare pairs!). The ATR keeps the original's subdued aesthetics, but the midtop construction adds a new design element which I think makes the sneaker well-suited for styling with jeans as well as athleticwear Kid free28-35-0178,DC / KIDS STAR S/S RAGLAN SNOW WHITE / BLACK EDBZT03185-XWWK,Nike Free45-0579,.

As for the on-foot feel, the ATR is comfortable, but not quite as comfortable as the original Ultra Boost. Though the ATR's tougher sole provides better traction than the original it leads to an on-foot feeling that isn't quite as heavenly.

Further, the shoe feels slightly tighter-fitting and more socklike than the original. The ankle sock doesn't overheat the foot, but when tied tight, the tops of my feet develop a pinchy feeling after a few hours that doesn't Nike Flyknit-0134,DC / KIDS STAR PH BLACK / YELLOW EDBSF03038-KVJ0,Basketball OTHER-0129, when left untied (the laces don't reach the ground) or tied loosely.

Adidas ZX 8000 - Dawn Blue/Dark Slate/Cadmium Yellow Top Quality
If you plan on doing this a bunch, the ATR is an excellent option. (Adidas)

As far as long-term wear goes, I took my ATRs to the streets of New York on a recent trip to test them out. They held up nicely during what I'd consider an everyday amount of activity (~2-3 miles of walking broken up with extended sitting breaks), my feet not getting particularly sore despite a long stroll through DC / WMNS CANDOR RP DARK SHADOW,. But on two particularly grueling days, the first, an hours-long punk show on wood and concrete floors, and the second, Jordans other-0092,VANS / WMNS KENDRA DANDY I SCREAM CREW I SCREAM VA345SM8X,Max Flyknit-0044,, my dogs were certainly barkin' when I returned home. Though I don't consider those days representative of normal use, the ATR, despite above-average comfort, is not a miracle worker.

Now, what about actually running in my running shoes? I'm not a hardcore or regular runner: My cardiovascular health is slightly above average at best, but I can put away 5 kilometers without trouble, and I did just that on the treadmill and on Portland's waterfront.

On the treadmill, the ATR provided a solid, comfortable ride. Perhaps it is because running on a treadmill is excruciatingly boring, but I found myself paying more attention to my body during this run, and I noted that the ankle sock kept my feet feeling more secured than with my normal low top running shoe DC / KIDS ZAGGER BEANIE COPEN BLUE ADBHA03038-BMN0,.

However, the ATR really shined when running outside on a blustery November evening. Air Force LOW-0326,HAND SPINNER / 3D RED / GOLD,Nike Free44-0869,, partially down the Eastbank Esplanade and back on a damp day. It wasn't raining, but it had rained plenty earlier, and the path was slick and covered with fallen leaves.

And I just completely disappeared into my run Basketball James-0441,GARAGE / VO4194B BLUE VO4194B,Basketball Kobe-0324,. Maybe it was because the Old Town sign was extra-glittery that evening, but, Man Max 90-0837,GARAGE / A-Z16114 CHARCOAL / WOOD A-Z16114,Man Max TN-0160, as one wants when on a fairly intense run, I barely noticed the shoes on my feet as I jogged along the Willamette.Basketball Durant-0211,MY I / 6020 MATTED BLACK / GREEN 6020,Basketball James-0414, I had no issues with tightness, and the traction was excellent along wet concrete and the ostensibly slick floating metal bridge of the Esplanade. The only thing I really noticed was a slight bounce between my foot and the sole as I ran.

Now, is all of this worth the $220 price tag? If your running shoe or fashion sneaker budget is high, then Nike wonen Flyknit-0086,DC / RIPSTOP 7 WINETASTING EDYAA03035-RTF0,Nike Free44-0760, nabs you a stylish, high-performing variant on a cool sneaker that'll help you push through Portland's blusteriest winter days. Yet, if you aren't committed to winter running, $220 is a high price to pay for a sneaker that mostly just looks cool. Nike wonen Flyknit-0068,JORDAN / JUMPMAN SNAP WHITE 619360-102,Basketball James-0383, As someone who gets my cardio in elsewhere, I wouldn't personally spend the $220 on a performance shoe which I am not using for its intended purpose.

Then again, I will be taking my next few runs to the streets in my ATRs as long as it isn't raining sideways.

Kid free28-35-0079,VANS / BEACH GIRL TRUCKER FALL TROPICS V00H5LO2K,Nike Free45-0461,

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